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Digital (HD) Recording

We use state of the art recording systems. Both ProTools (Digidesign) and Cubase (Steinberg) are used in our studios and readily available for your convenience.

MIDI Sequencing

There are a wide range of analog & digital synthesizers, virtual instruments, samplers and keyboards to choose from. We also offer a wide range of sample libraries, ranging from Roland to Akai, Kurzweil to Ensoniq (EMU), etc.

Arranging / Composing

Whether you are looking to have music composed and arranged for you, or wanting to record your own music, we are at your service and provide you with everything you need to bring your vision to life. Our strength is our professional music arrangers, composers and songwriters. They will take the time to listen to what you want to accomplish, and help you attain your goals.

Sound Designing

QDS Studios is equipped to create an infinite array of sonic colours, continually redefining the limits of electro-acoustic composition. We offer sound and music design for music albums, radio, television and Internet. Furthermore, we offer access to the professional studio sample library “General series 6000 and 6000 Extension”, which houses over 10,900 sound FX ready to play.


Mixing / Mastering

When the time comes to place that final touch on your sound and music projects, QDS is equipped to bring out the most in the final mixing mastering processes. Whether it by use of digital mastering software or with the precise aid of our very own in house Finalizer 96K (TC Electronics), your work will leave our studios ready for professional auditing.



Call us for a FREE consultation today. You will have a detailed estimate of your project and will be able to visit our studios, as well as hear some of our previously recorded projects.

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